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                    BISS Ch Von Sonnenhaus Krugerrand CD          
          BISS Ch Ponca's Bite the Bullet CD
                     Ch Lyvngwerth's Devotion v Ponca CD
BISS Select Ch Crystal's Topaz Ponca CD, CGC
                     Ch Ironwood's Gremlin
          Am/Can Ch Oakview's Diamond v Gremlin CD, RTD
                    Ch Oakview's Alexa

                    BISS Am/Can Ch Rodsden's Berte von Zederwald Am/Can CDX, TT
           BIS Ch Blackwood Dante v Lyvngwerth CD
                    Ch Lyvngwerth's Alpha Omega CD 
BOSS Ch  Heartland's Murphy v Ponca CD, CGC
                    BISS Ch Von Sonnenhaus Krugerrand CD
           Heartland's Levi v Ponca 
                   Ch Lyvngwerth's Devotion v Ponca CD

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